Family business PeppermintMan

PeppermintMan is a young brand, created in 2016 and based in green Jena in Thuringia.


We pay attention to gentle processing and controlled drying of the vegetable raw material.

The quality of our products is tested in independent laboratories.

Fair supply chains

We want to improve living conditions through direct marketing, fair prices and sustainable agriculture.

Direct and personal contact and exchange with the farmers and suppliers is important to us.


In the future, further direct cultivation projects are to be initiated and promoted with the help of a PeppermintMan fund.

In addition, a community of growers should be created in which we accompany the plants from seed to harvest.

Our beginnings

PeppermintMan spent his childhood days surrounded by the beauty of nature and developed an understanding of its uniqueness and diversity. Great-grandfather Luis Neye and grandfather Walther Neye shaped his mind through their agricultural connection from their work as teachers, textbook authors and potato breeders in the GDR.

Enriched by teaching and studying

Accompanied by this fascination, PeppermintMan expanded his knowledge during his apprenticeship as an agrotechnician in Bucha and later with his studies in agricultural sciences. Numerous visits to a wide variety of growing countries broadened his horizons.

Mature in the home garden

The name PeppermintMan originated in the home garden in Jena. The 25 types of peppermint located there, each with its own unique aroma, awakened the entrepreneurial spirit.
Anbau PeppermintMan

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