Ice-cold rooibos and peach punch

Hello, my dears,

it is warm and rainy. The warmth of the last few days is in the rooms. Drink, drink, drink - that's important! But what? Always just water or rooibos tea? The idea of ​​conjuring up an iced tea from my rooibos tea - what possibilities! So, I tried the following:


500ml of water

3-4 tsp Peppermintman Rooibos

500 ml peach juice

(100 ml vodka, or simply enjoy non-alcoholic)

1 lemon sliced

1 handful of mint

2 sliced ​​peaches

Preparation time:

10 mins


Pour 500 ml of boiling water over rooibos tea, allow to cool slightly and place in the refrigerator.

Then pour all the ingredients into a large container and refine with ice cubes, lemon, fresh mint and peach slices.

Enjoy the meal!

Goodbye, have a nice Friday and a good start into the summer weekend,

Your Wanda

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